About Us

JuggleBee is a Namibian company focused on online auctions and sales. Launched in 2014, JuggleBee's aim to address the gap in the online marketplace lead to the groundbreaking and hassle free online marketplace that you are now using.

Due to our simple and secure platform backed by great and personal customer service, JuggleBee has become a household name and is associated with greatness and superiority. With that, we put in countless hours to upgrade our user experience by providing users with more functionality and a interactive platform.

We endeavour to provide the following:

  1. Cost effective free marketing system
  2. Convenient means of auctioning, selling and trading your items
  3. A system that will not only provide more exposure for your items but greater reward.


  • Secure auction & shopping platform
  • Simple item listing form
  • Moderated listings ensuring correctness and quality
  • Customized user profile for activity tracking
  • Continually expanding feature list
  • Great customer feedback

Our Mission

To provide Namibia with an online auction and sales model that will revolutionise buying and selling in Namibia. We offer a safe and secure environment for both Buyer and Seller. We also strive to give Users access to great deals from the comfort of their homes. We also want to generate an online shopping experience that will bring together a willing Buyer and a willing Seller. Ultimately, we want to provide Users with the luxury of running their own shop via JuggleBee and enjoy more exposure and a wider marketplace.

Vision Statement

To create a marketplace that provides access to unlimited auctions and shopping, everyday, all day. We also strive to get you maximum exposure for your products, services or goods and allow the Buyer to get the best deals possible. All this from the comfort of your couch.


We value service and customer support. In order to build a lasting relationship between the User and Jugglebee, we strive to provide a trustworthy and secure gateway. The foundation provided by JuggleBee comes from a deep ambition to succeed in the business world, while at the same time creating a fun, easy, exciting and new Namibian concept.


Our goal is to connect Users to a dynamic and versatile business with countless products and auctions in order to stimulate an ever growing demand for an easy and effective online shopping model. With a flowing and secure system and offering Users with a profile and tracking system, JuggleBee is the ultimate online shopping experience. We strive to bring Namibia to the online world and creating a business storm.


Our team consists of highly skilled and qualified individuals specializing in all aspects of business and trade. Open-mindedness along with multicultural backgrounds ensure we are well versed with dealing with people from all corners of the Earth. If you are not a native English speaker, do not fear as our team can converse fluently in a number of popular languages. Our staff are very friendly and helpful and should you ever have any questions, we would be delighted to assist you. We pride ourselves in our work and will use our honesty and capabilities in different fields to optimise the success of JuggleBee.


Waiver Applications

We specialise in waiver applications for farms

Open Market Auctions

We provide an online open market auction platform

Buy Now Market

We also provide a buy now option for Sellers


We facilitate contracting concerning property (only)

Facilitation of Transfers

We facilitate the transfer duties of property

Business Marketing

We provide a marketing platform for entrepreneurs and businesses